Simple Test Creation

You create your test with questions, mindsets, and links with our super-simple test creator.

2. Testers Get To Work

We recruit your target testers and record them using your app, they answer questions about your app, rate it, and we write a paragraph or two summarizing the test.

3. Get Your Test in 48 Hours.

You can view your test results in 1 - 48 hours and see where your users get stuck and what they love.

For a Good Cause

For every test purchased, we donate 10% to charity:water and HopeStep. Did you know there are 800 million people in the world without clean water? By using AppCrush, you help change that.

For Nonprofits and Open Source

At AppCrush, we believe in game-changing projects and missions. That's why we offer a 15% discount on all tests for non-profits and open-source projects. Use "NOPROFIT" at checkout.

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